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The Truth about Migrations and SEO

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Lets talk about a common myth in hosting an migrations to a new host.

Having been in the hosting business for over 20 years we were here before the term SEO had ever been born yet, even before “Google” had even been hatched. Now, we’re in a google driven world, where data, is everything, a page view means something and making Google happy is what it’s all about. We migrate dozens of sites a month, the common questions we get are below.

Q: Will you loose any data?
A: No, if the data is on the source server it will be migrated

Q: Will there be downtime?
A: In most cases not, if the correct login info is given

Q: Will my site be faster?
A: In most cases absolutely or we will help you tweak it for maximum performance.

Q: Will my SEO change?
A: No, hosting and SEO are not related.

We see the postings on social media everyday about SEO, and how one host claims there service might make things better than another. Truth is, sometimes those people telling you that are companies or people in a sales and marketing position who’s sole job is to bring customers in the door. So in order to get a perspective customers attention they’ll throw out buzz words and make inaccurate claims using them to get a sell in the door.

Website owners today are content creators, megabytes, and all that jazz mean very little, they want a fast site, good support, at a decent price to maximize the ROI. Believe it or not, there are sales and marketing people out there that will sell that SEO is a factor. SEO is contained within your blog just like your content, within your SEO plugins if you have them. SEO has absolutely nothing to do with the hosting platform used.

If you follow the correct SEO process and use the proper plugins, Yoast for example your SEO should never be an issue regardless of host, unless your host blocks the popular search engine robots, which is not likely. If you have SEO questions, you can drop us a note here

We’re always here and happy to help!