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How to Test Your Server’s Performance

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In this tutorial you’ll learn how to test your server performance, the tool that we’ll be using on this tutorial it’s called It’s a free service that allows you to perform benchmark test on your server.

In short, the script will perform different tests on your server, such as internet speed (upload/download) on different locations, disk input/output write/read speed, and bandwidth. Test is completely free and it doesn’t require any additional software, only one command that’s it.

There are many different bench scripts online, but in this tutorial we’ll be using serverscope as it gives you a bit more detailed reports, and it is easy to read it if you’re not a technical person.

Here’s how to do it!

Step 1 – Select tests you want to perform

Step 2 – Fill in required details about your server

After selecting tests, fill in service provider, service plan and email.

Step 3 – Click “Generate your SSH command”

Copy the generated command, and run it.

An example test on Vultr 512MB ram instance VPS