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How to Stress Test your Web/App

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In this tutorial you’ll learn how to stress test your web/app for free. Stress testing it’s a must as it helps you to find out whether your website can or not handle many visitors at once.

The service that we are going to use on this tutorial it’s called, it’s free and paid web load testing tool that you can use to stress test your server.

1. Register an account

Go to and click the sign up button


2. Choose plan

After clicking sign up, it will take you  to plans&pricing window, choose the free plan, fill in required details and click sign up. Free plan gives you up to 10k clients/tests.

3. Set Host you want to test

Log in to your account, go on target section and click “+New Host”

Fill in your domain/Ip you want to test and click to the button “Next:Verify”

After submitting the host, you need to verify that you own it. Click the download button to download the verification file, upload it to your server and click verify.

4.Run Test

Once you’ve verified the host, you’ll see the notification “Congrats, target verification passed! Now you can create a test!” Click the button “New Host“, fill in testing details and click run test, you can also schedule it to run on a specific date.

That’s it!

In this tutorial we explained step by step how to stress test your server for free.