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How to Install Vesta Control Panel

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In this guide you’ll learn how to install vesta control panel on your server.

Vesta is an open source web hosting control panel , it is completely free to use, and it comes with so many features by default. You can use vesta to manage domains, emails, dns , databases and more.


System Requirements:

Supported Operating Systems

RHEL/CENTOS – 5, 6, 7
Debian – 7,8,9
Ubuntu 12.04 – 17.04

512MB Ram

Vesta needs to be installed on a clean system, in case the installation fails you need to uninstall it and reinstall it via the --force command, simply add --force at the installation command and press enter.

Step 1 – Download Vesta Control Panel

curl -O

Step 2 – Run the command below to install Vesta Control Panel

Note: The command below is the command that installs the full package of vesta, scroll down below to see how to do a custom installation of vesta.


Also vesta allows you to generate a custom installation command, in case you want to install only some of its features and not the full package.

To do that, go to and scroll down to advanced install settings, choose what you want to install and what not and click generate, then simply run the generated command on your server.

An example of custom installation command :

bash –nginx yes –apache yes –phpfpm no –named yes –remi yes –vsftpd yes –proftpd no –iptables yes –fail2ban yes –quota no –exim yes –dovecot yes –spamassassin yes –clamav yes –softaculous yes –mysql yes –postgresql no

_|      _|  _|_|_|_|    _|_|_|  _|_|_|_|_|    _|_|
 _|      _|  _|        _|            _|      _|    _|
 _|      _|  _|_|_|      _|_|        _|      _|_|_|_|
   _|  _|    _|              _|      _|      _|    _|
     _|      _|_|_|_|  _|_|_|        _|      _|    _|

                                  Vesta Control Panel

Following software will be installed on your system:
   - Nginx Web Server
   - Apache Web Server (as backend)
   - Bind DNS Server
   - Exim mail server
   - Dovecot POP3/IMAP Server
   - MariaDB Database Server
   - Vsftpd FTP Server
   - Softaculous Plugin
   - Iptables Firewall + Fail2Ban

Would you like to continue [y/n]: 

Answer with y to that question and press enter, then you need to set your email that you want to use to login to your panel and the hostname. Installation process will take about 15 mins to finish, so get yourself a coffee during that time 🙂

Login credentials will show up on that window, once the installation process finishes.

Congratulations, you have just successfully installed Vesta Control Panel
    username: admin
    password: i4ucI9KW6k

Step 3 – Changing admin password

Login to your panel with the same credentials you got after installation.

Remember to change the default password, to do that go to admin and click edit, then you can either set a passsword or you can generate one via generate button. While you’re changing your password, on the same window make sure that nameservers are pointing to your website and so you don’t have add nameservers manually if you’re planning to add new websites in the future.


Step 4 – Setting up your website

After logging in, click to WEB>ADD WEB DOMAIN, set your domain name in domain box and click add. Make sure the IP on the drop down box is pointing to your public IP, and not private ones.


Step 5 – Set nameservers

After setting up nameservers on vesta control panel, make sure that your domain nameservers are pointing to your nameservers that you set up on vesta.

That’s it! Now simply try to access your website.