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✔️ How to Reset WordPress Password from phpMyAdmin Database

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Imagine a scenario where you are locked out of your wp-admin dashboard, either by someone else or you just forgot your password. What can you do to get back into the admin area? Well the easiest way is to reset your admin password from your database via phpMyAdmin.

Reset WordPress Password from phpMyAdmin

The first step is to log into your cPanel and under Databases select phpMyAdmin.

From the left side click on the database used by the WordPress installation that you want to reset the password for.

TIP: If you have more than one database and don't know which is being used by your WordPress installation, simply open that installation's wp-config.php file and take a pick.

Once you are in the right database look for a wp_users table and then click on the Edit before your username.

Under the user_pass row, for Function select MD5, and for Value put your new password.

Click on the Go button at the bottom of the screen and thats it, you’ve just reset your WordPress admin password via phpMyAdmin and can now login to the admin area.