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How to Install Trizen on Arch Linux

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In this tutorial you’ll learn how to install and use trizen to manage packages on arch linux.

Trizen is a lightweight aur package manager written in perl, using it is easy just like many other aur package managers.


  • Install packages from the AUR
  • Search support for AUR packages
  • Reading AUR comments for packages
  • Upgrade support for AUR packages
  • Recursive resolver of AUR dependencies
  • Built-in interaction with ‘pacman’
  • Edit support for text files
  • Input/output UTF-8 support

Installing Trizen

Trizen itself it’s available on aur, that means you can install trizen via another aur package manager if you have already one installed on your system.

Install trizen via yaourt

yaourt -S trizen

The alternative way to install trizen is to build it from the source.

Make sure you’ve git installed on your system before proceeding with the installation.

git clone
cd trizen
makepkg -si

Using Trizen

Managing packages with trizen is easy, we have listed some of the most useful commands you’ll need to know in trizen.

Before we begin, replace the packagename with the name of software you want to manage with trizen. To make sure that you’re managing the correct package you’re looking for, you can either look up about that package on aur, or simply search it via the search command on terminal.

trizen packagename


The above command will search and list all packages that contains
htop in their package name.

S – Sync
To install a package on your system.

trizen -S packagename


Press Y to confirm and proceed with installation.

R – Remove
To remove a package from your system.

trizen -R packagename


Now you need to press Y in order to remove the package.

Y – Update database
To update package database.

trizen -Syy


C – Comments
To read comments from the given aur package.

trizen -C packagename


T – Deeptest
To check whether a file needs dependencies.

trizen -T packagename


All Options
Type trizen to get the full list of options.




By now, you should know how to manage packages on your system with trizen.