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How to Install Discord on Arch Linux

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In this tutorial you’ll learn how to install Discord on Arch Linux. Installing Discord on Arch Linux it’s easy, and it can be done via a few easy steps.

Installing Discord Via AUR

Discord is available on arch linux respository, so you can download it via pacman or any aur helper you want.

Make sure yay is installed on your system.

yay -S discord 

During installation you’ll see warnings like unknown public key, that means the system is trying to verify the signature of the file that you’re installing, you need to manually add the key in order to proceed with the installation.

Replace keyhere with the key that is showing on terminal as unknown key, and press enter.

gpg --recv-keys keyhere 

Try to reinstall it after adding the key.

Installing Discord Via Snap

To install discord via snap you need to make sure snapd is installed on your system.

sudo snap install discord 

Installing Discord Via Flatpak

You need to have flatpak installed on your system in order to install Discord

sudo pacman -S flatpak 

Once you’ve installed flatpak on your system, run the following command to install Discord

flatpak install flathub com.discordapp.Discord 

Installing Discord from the source

Step 1 – Download Discord

Run the following command to download discord via curl.

curl --output discord-0-0.5.tar.gz 


Step 2 – Uncompress the .tar.gz file

After downloading you need to untar discord-0.0.5.tar.gz via the following command.

tar -xzvf discord-0.0.5.tar.gz  


All files will be extracted to a new folder called Discord, which contains all required files for discord to run.

Launch Discord

Once the file is uncompressed, you can launch discord by double clicking on file Discord inside the Discord folder, but to simplify this process, so you don’t have to browse through folders to launch discord everytime, we’ll place a shortcut on desktop.

To do that, we need to move the Discord folder to /usr/local/bin.

sudo mv Discord /usr/local/bin 

Discord icon will appear on Desktop.


By now you should know how to install Discord on Arch Linux. Even though installing packages via aur can save you time, sometimes these packages are not updated, installing them from the source it’s a good practice to follow as that way you can install always the latest version.