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How To Install Cloudron on Your Server

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In this tutorial you will learn what Cloudron is, and how to install it on your Server.

Cloudron is a solution that allows you to self-host multiple apps on your server, making it easy for you to install and manage them with one click.

Cloudron free plan allows you to run only two apps on your server, in case you want to run more than two apps, you should consider subscribing to one of their paid plans.


-VPS with Ubuntu 18.04(1GB RAM, 20GB Disk space.)

A fresh installation of Ubuntu 18.04(x64) is required to have in order to install cloudron.

-Domain name

I’d suggest a paid domain name from a common domain registrar such as namecheap, godaddy etc.

Step 1 – Update your System

Make sure the system is up to date.

sudo apt-get update

Step 2 – Download Cloudron

Run the command below to download cloudron.


Step 3 – Make the Cloudron Setup File Executable

To make sure that the setup will start, you need to make the downloaded file executable.

chmod +x ./cloudron-setup

Step 4 – Install it

Run the following command to start the installation of cloudron, also don’t forget to specify the hosting provider that you are using.

./cloudron-setup --provider "provider name here"


./cloudron-setup --provider gce

Once Cloudron is installed, you will be asked to reboot the server, press “y” and reboot the server, then visit your Server’s public IP so you can proceed with the installation.

Now you have to configure dns, and to set primary domain, to do that visit your Server’s Public IP.

But what is primary Domain?

Primary domain, is the domain from where you’ll be managing cloudron.

Set primary domain and choose the dns provider, for dns provider you can either choose the dns provider from the drop down box, or simply go with wildcard/manual.

If the DNS provider of your domain name is not included in the list, you need to configure the dns manually via wildcard/manual.

Wildcard Setup:

Create two DNS A records for + that points to your Server’s IP.

Manual Setup:

Create a DNS A record for that points to your Server’s IP.

The difference between manual and wildcard setup is that, with manual configuration you have to add dns entries manually everytime after installing an app, with wildcard not. I’d suggest manual configuration only when nothing else works.

Once you have set the primary domain and chosen the dns provider click “Next” wait for some minutes, and you will see a window like the screenshot below. Proceed with the creation of the admin account, and click “Done”.

Logging in Cloudron

Remember, cloudron is installed on your subdomain’s primary domain, so to access cloudron you need to browse to and log in with the credentials you submitted for admin account.

Installing APPS on Cloudron

Installing Apps on cloudron it’s pretty easy, login on cloudron and go to “App Store”, right after that you will be asked to create an account that will be used to manage apps, you can use the same account as admin account or other that’s up to you.

To install an APP, select the app you want to install, and click install.


In this tutorial you learned how to install Cloudron, a platform that offers you the solution of managing apps with ease on your server, without having to do it manually on terminal.