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How to Create a Bootable USB on Arch Linux

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SUSE Studio Imagewriter it’s a free and open source iso burner tool that you can use to write ISO(s) to your usb device on linux. It has a very simple GUI and it’s very easy to use it.


Step 1 – Download Imagewriter

Imagewriter it’s available on arch linux repository and installing it takes almost no time.

sudo pacman -S imagewriter

Step 2 – Import ISO file

Once you’ve installed imagewriter on your system, launch the software via application launcher, or simply via terminal.


Make sure usb device is plugged in and selected, check dropdown box and verify you’ve selected the usb device. Now, you need to import the .iso file, to do that, you can either drag it to imagewriter or simply click the area that says "click here to select it" and upload the .iso file.


Step 3 – Write the iso file

Final step, click write button to write the iso file. You might get a warning that asks for your permission to continue in case the usb it’s not empty, proceed with yes to that window and burning process will begin.


That’s it!


SUSE Studio Imagewriter it’s one of easiest and fastest tools on linux that you can use to create a bootable usb.