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👉 Free Comment Backlinks from WordPress Blogs

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Do you have a blog (a blog about WordPress on WordPress) and want to get some free exposure and free comment backlinks? Great, here is a list of blogs on the subject of WordPress, that accept comments and allows you to add your website URL in them.

What’s the benefit of backlinks from comments?

Well, surprise surprise, Google counts them as in-text links, and you get a free high-quality backlink to your website! This type of link is the fastest method to get some backlinks fast, and since the blogs I’m about to list here are High-authority blogs with DR 80+, it will certainly improve your domain ranking as well..

On the other hand, I was surprised to see actual visitors coming to my website by following a URL in a comment on another blog I made a few years ago. I just assumed that nobody bothers checking commentators’ websites, but the truth is: if a reader finds your comment interesting, in 15% of the cases he will follow the link.

List of WordPress blogs that accept URL in comments

Please note that I’ve sorted the list by Domain Rating (DR) from ahrefs.

You can get a free backlink from in different ways (review a plugin/theme, ask a question on the forums, submit an item, etc.) and include your website URL.

Probably the most well-known blog about WordPress, so make sure you write an excellent comment in order to increase your chances of getting it approved.

This blog is run by WPEngine and its authors are experienced WordPress users and the articles they write are both unique and interesting to read.

WPLift is one of my favorite WP-related blog which produces some great content and is definitely worth commenting on.

WinnngWP is run by FlyWheel and is one of the best resources for WordPress beginners.

Articles consist mainly of the news from the Automattic HQ and updates on WordPress CMS.

Aldo not a blog -per se, this site lists all the plugins that are published on and you can add your comments/reviews to the plugins.

This one’s also not really a blog but more of a tool that you can use to add different plugins from and then bulk install them on your blog.

Does the name sound familiar? Well, there was WP Newsify listed before, and this blog is by the same company, but only about WordPress plugins.

Didn’t think I’d skip this blog, did you? The truth is I highly appreciate post comments cause they help me know what you as a reader find interesting or not. So please do leave a comment, even if its a bad one.

No WPBeginner, WPEngine and other big names in this list? No, they don’t have a URI field in their comments and therefore you can’t really use them to get free backlinks. Sorry guys.

PS. Have you noticed that all the best-known WordPress blogs in this list are run by big Hosting Companies?