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💸 Earn money on your WordPress site with Envato Affiliate Widgets

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Envato Marketplace is a well known name in the WordPress community and I’ve seen bloggers making ridiculous amounts of money from its affiliate system. Envato’s subsite ThemeForest has some of the best WordPress themes and Codecanyon has over 7,100+ WordPress plugins.

In this article, we are gonna talk about the Envato affiliate system and how you can make money from it by adding dynamic content from CodeCanyon, ThemeForest and VideoHive marketplaces.

Envato Affiliate System – is it worth it?

When a user clicks your referral link, signs up for a new account and makes a first purchase via any Envato Market site, you’ll receive 30%! – simple as that.

But there is a downside, almost a year ago they have discounted the marketplace based affiliates system and now they only have a single affiliate system for all their sites. For existing affiliates this is more convenient because they have a single dashboard across the sites. But for new affiliates, it’s very hard to get in because you have to submit an application and wait for them to review and approve you.

Instead of me writing endless lines about how to submit an application and get approved as an Envato Marketplace affiliate, I’m gonna let you watch this video by Freelancer Nasim explaining how he did it.

That’s a great video and I suggest anyone starting with Envato marketplace watches it.

Now, when you submit an application and hopefully get approved, how do you earn money from the Envato marketplace? How do you know which items to promote and should you do it manually? This are all questions that we are gonna answer in this article along with a few great tips on making your first affiliate sale.

ThemeForest Smart Widget


If you are a ThemeForest author this widget is perfect for you.

A simple and powerful WordPress plugin with which you can display ThemeForest items as a WordPress widget. Several smart options are provided for selecting and ordering. You can select ThemeForest latest items, popular items or items from one or more specific users. Optionally, you can connect items with your affiliate links as well.


  • Using Envato official API
  • Supports all ThemeForest marketplace categories
  • Select latest ThemeForest items
  • Select popular ThemeForest items
  • Select items from one or more specific users
  • Order items by date, numbers of sales, price or random
  • Add your affiliate links to ThemeForest items

Affiliate CodeCanyon Widget

affiliate codecanyon widget

Don’t let the name of this plugin fool you, it started as a simple widget but over the years it has grown in much more..

Affiliate CodeCanyon Widget by PluginsBay is a fork of the already mentioned ThemeForest Smart Widget plugin by MeksHQ and as they say themselves in the plugin description, they just changed the API and Categories but all the code is the same.

The plugin has some nice features like displaying the latest items from a specific category, a specific user or by popularity.

You can also add your affiliate link on a per-widget basis, which is nice in case if you have multiple authors and for example want different affiliate links on pages.

Sort the items by a number of sales, reviews or date and even exclude items from showing on the page, which is great for not selling your competitors plugins to your visitors.

And for all you Elementor fans out there, you can also use WordPress widget in the Elementor page builder and build amazing pages.

Affiliate VideoHive Widget

affiliate videohive widget
videohive affiliate widget

The Affiliate Videohive Widget plugin is absolutely the same as both above-mentioned plugins so you know the code quality is excellent and only it’s purpose changes,

As the name reveals, this plugin is used to display VideoHive items in your WordPress site with your affiliate links.

If you are a VideoHive Author it’s a great plugin to showcase your portfolio on your website, and even if you are not an author you can still make money from the Envato referral system.

The only downside for me personally with all of these 3 plugins is that the Envato API token is not saved so for example if you want to add another widget you have to type it again. Which in Elementor is not a big deal cause you can just copy the existing widget, but when adding a widget to the WordPress sidebar area can be a bit pain in the ass.

You can also sort the items in this widget by the number of sales, date, category, etc. but the sweet thing is the number of items that can be set per widget and of course the already mentioned category sorting and excluding items.

Also worth mentioning is that all of these widgets work great with most of the caching plugins such as WP Rocket and Brisk, so they won’t slow down your site at all.

From the SEO point of the view, the dd rel =”nofollow” to item links is a great addition because the default “dofollow” might not be attractive to everybody.

You can use it with Elementor as well.