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πŸ˜„ Create Custom WordPress Authors Page

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When we want to add a new feature to our WordPress site, we just google the question and in most cases, Google spits out the answer. Sometimes its a snippet -a custom code that needs to be added in some theme or plugin file, and in other cases it’s a premade plugin that’s available to download from the repository. But, in rare cases, the problem you are having or the feature that you are looking for is not that common and there is no pre-made solution that you can use.

In those rare cases, you don’t have a lot of options left.. if you are familiar with PHP you can try to solve the problem yourself, or you can hire a freelancer to do it for you.

This is a problem that I have in most of the time, but not because I’m a great thinker and I invent stuff, but rather because the solutions provided are made poorly.


I’ve spent the entire day trying to re-design our Authors Page and I’ve used the following code:

You can use it by editing your auhtors.php file and replacing everything between the header and sidebar/footer tags.

At one moment I changed my mind and I decided to just remove the author pages completely.

I tried to find a pre-made plugin on the repository but they were all just too complex for my purpose.

So I decided to just redirect all the author pages to the homepage, and I’ve used this code:

Note: Add the above snipped inside your theme’s functions.php file

I’m sharing this snippet in a hope that it’s useful to someone else.