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💡 15 must-have WordPress plugins for 2020

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With each year that goes by, WordPress is getting more and more popular and WordPress plugins are becoming more complex (Duh its 2020!). When it comes to using WordPress as a blogging platform, there are certain WordPress plugins that are a must-have for every blog out there.

Below is a list of top 15 must-have WordPress plugins for bloggers in 2020:

Auto Upload Images

Are you copy-pasting images from other websites on your blog? Then this WordPress plugin will save you a lot of time when blogging in 2020!

This plugin automatically saves all external images in your posts to your website. When you save you post all images from it will be uploaded to the WordPress upload directory and replace the original images in the post.

Comment Redirect by Yoast

With Comment Redirect you can redirect people that comment on your posts to a custom “thank you for commenting page” like this:

wordpress plugins 2020, 💡 15 must-have WordPress plugins for 2020, New Blog Hosting
Thank you for Commenting Page


Brisk is one of the only two premium plugins in this list and believe me it has earned its right to be here!

wordpress plugins 2020, 💡 15 must-have WordPress plugins for 2020, New Blog Hosting
Website optimized with Brisk plugin

With Brisk you can speed up your blog by removing the unnecessary CSS and JavaScript files from your Theme, Plugins and WP core. With a caching plugin like WP Rocket or Autoptimize, Brisk can do some serious optimization for your blog.

AntiSpam Bee

Say Goodbye to comment spam on your WordPress blog. Antispam Bee blocks spam comments and trackbacks effectively, without captchas and without sending personal information to third party services. It is free of charge, ad-free and 100% GDPR compliant.

LuckyWP Cookie Notice

The LuckyWP Cookie Notice (GDPR) plugin is one of the lesser known WordPress Plugins that I recommend using in 2020 on your blog. It allows you to notify visitors about the use of cookies (necessary to comply with the GDPR in the EU).


Jetpack is simply one of those WordPress plugins that you must have in 2020. It’s a collection of different amazing tools that will fill your website with a lot of useful features.

The most important features of Jetpack for blogging include:

  • Publish your posts automatically to Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.
  • Use Jetpack as a CDN to improve the loading speed of your website
  • Lazy-load images and youtube videos to further improve the speed
  • Add sharing buttons, Gravatars and better comments to your posts
  • Monitor your blog downtime and get reports delivered to your email
wordpress plugins 2020, 💡 15 must-have WordPress plugins for 2020, New Blog Hosting

There are plenty of other plugins that offer these features individually, but none like Jetpack that offers them all in one plugin.

Site Kit by Google

With Google’s official WordPress plugin you can get insights about how people find and use your blog, how to improve, and monetize your content, directly in your WordPress dashboard.

Recently I did a step-by-step guide on How to verify a website with Google Search Console and submit it to Google in 2020.

Site Kit is the one-stop solution to deploy, manage, and get insights from critical Google tools to make the site successful on the web. It provides authoritative, up-to-date insights from multiple Google products directly on the WordPress dashboard for easy access, all for free.

Anywhere Elementor

Are you using Elemenotr on your blog? imaging creating mega menu items, popups, widgets, and headers with Elemetor plugin, wouldn’t it be super easy? Well with Anywhere Elementor you can do just that.

Anywhere Elementor allows you to insert elementor pages, library templates and global templates anywhere using shortcodes.

SVG Support

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) are becoming commonplace in modern web design, allowing you to embed images with small file sizes that are scalable to any visual size without loss of quality.

This plugin not only provides SVG Support like the name says, but it also allows you to easily embed your full SVG file’s code using a simple IMG tag.

WebP Express

Almost 4 out of 5 mobile users use a browser that is able to display webp images. Yet, on most websites, they are served jpeg images, which are typically double the size of webp images for a given quality. What a waste of bandwidth! This plugin was created to help remedy that situation. With little effort, WordPress admins can have their site serving autogenerated webp images to browsers that supports it, while still serving jpeg and png files to browsers that does not support webp.

Contact Form 7 Database Addon

Replace thousands of emails from contact form 7 plugin with a single page on your wp-admin dashboard where you can see all the emails at once.

The CFDB7 plugin saves contact form 7 submissions to your WordPress database. Export the data to a CSV file.

LuckyWP Table of Contents

With LuckyWP Table of Contents you can create an SEO-friendly table of contents for all your posts, pages or custom post types.

Yoast SEO

Since 2008 Yoast SEO has helped millions of websites worldwide to rank higher in search engines. This WordPress SEO plugin helps you with your search engine optimization. Are you not entirely convinced? Yoast SEO is the favorite WordPress SEO plugin of millions of users worldwide!

If for some reason you don’t like Yoast SEO or just want to give a try to the alternatives, here is a list of Best SEO plugins for WordPress.

Auto Image Alt text

Bialty automatically adds alt tags to your images from post titles or Yoast’s focus keywords, separately or combined. This plugin also allows manual customization on your pages, with the use of custom ALT TEXT.

UpDraft Plus

UpdraftPlus simplifies backups and restoration. It is the world’s highest-ranking and most popular scheduled backup plugin, with over two million currently-active installs. Backup your files and database backups into the cloud and restore with a single click!

I recently did a guide on How to properly backup a WordPress website, make sure to read it out in order not to lose any important content.

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