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10 Ways to Earn Money on SEOClerks for Linux Users

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is more than a marketplace for search engine optimization and backlinking services. As a freelancer, you can offer anything you want, from graphics and logo services to writing and coding, even software or other digital products. More to offer, more ways to earn a substantial income from the skills you already have. Here are just a few of the services you can offer as an SEOClerks freelancer.

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The original purpose of was to offer search engine related tasks such as backlink building. If you’re good at this type of work you may enjoy offering SEO related services. A typical SEO buyer will ask for relevant do follow backlinks on high domain authority blogs. You can employ manual backlink building techniquests or software, if applicable.

2) Sell Hosting/Server

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Expand your reach for an existing hosting or server related business by offering these services/products on the SEOClerks Marketplace.

Typical jobs you can offer, include:

Provide renewable VPS
Sell proxy lists
Offer Icecast or ShoutCast Radio
Bulk mail server, SMTP Dedicated Server
Register domain names
SSL certificate installation
Hosting support tasks (website migration to a new server) server setup, installation of control panel; set up email; fix “554 blacklist” (mail server); migrate domain; WHMCS or VPS setup

3) Offer Web Developer services

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Help new website owners with common web development related tasks, such as:

Install/Customize WordPress software or theme
WordPress security
Speed up or optimize your WordPress site
WordPress SEO, i.e. on-page SEO, plugin installation
Install Yoast SEO plugin
Design, create or redesign a beautiful WordPress site
Advanced Speed Optimization for website cache/cache/CDN
Move your website/blog to new hosting
Fix ‘Defer parsing of Javascript’ warning in WordPress;  
Install a Shopify theme or add products to a Shopify store

4) Coding tasks

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Put your coding skills to work to earn. Perform specialty coding jobs for your clients. Some good services to offer:

Create and install games website
Code an app or game for Google Playstore
Create and install Discord bots

5) Sys Admin

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Employ your skills managing servers helping your clients with tasks such as:

Install NextCloud on your server
Offer Dedicated Cpanel Hosting
Fix any email client or server issue related to sending/receiving or migration
Secure firewall ports/sockets, open ports
Install a control panel on server

6) Sell your Software

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Sell your Software on a one time (instant download) license or recurring subscription basis. Popular software include email, music and traffic bots.

7) Daily Jobs on the Want to Buy

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One of the easiest ways to put your technical skills to work earning money is by checking the Jobs section where buyers post “Want to Buy” requests. You can bid on jobs that meet your requirements or skill sets. A variety of work available depending upon buyer needs from graphic/design work to coding projects.

Some recent job requests from buyers:
Fix my hacked WordPress site
Show me the best app builder
Install a sign up page on my website
Need php developer
Upload an IOS app
Add extra shipping methods to my WooCommerce stor
Fix a slider/contact form
Scrape Google maps for my wordpress directory site

8) Technical Support

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Work via TeamViewer or on-site messenger to assist your client with common computing related tasks such as cleaning up malware or installing software.

Typical jobs for computer technical support, include:
Remove spyware/malware
Speed up and optimize your computer
Remove unwanted (malicious) applications
Tweak Chrome/browser settings
Add/remove users

9) Writing and Digital Assistant

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Write and sell your Linux knowledge via tutorials, articles, blog posts and ebooks. You can also offer more niche services like forum posting and blog comments for Linux or technology sites wanting new content. Sell blog posts or sponsored reviews on your own Linux or technology related blog. If you’re proficient at email related tasks and have a good eye for time management and personal organization you can also post jobs for ‘digital assistant’.  

10) Reselling services

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Maybe the easiest way to earn money on SEOClerks is by reselling other services already offered on site.  You can choose to resell services directly on SEOClerks or post a service on your own website and fulfill work via your SEOClerks seller supplier.  

Frequently Asked Questions about selling services and software on SEOClerks

Why choose SEOClerks to sell your software or services?

The Marketplace is being updated all the time, with new features to enhance your freelancing or buying experience, such as ‘tip me’ feature. In addition to offering digital services, you can create instant downloads for your software or ebooks/tutorials. You can customize your freelance selling experience in any way that works for you.

What if my buyer doesn’t like the services I offer?

As per their TOS, if there are any  issues with product or service, the buyer is required to speak to the seller first and attempt a solution  before asking for intervention from staff.

What is the process for creating a new service? Are all services accepted?

Before creating a new service, you need to make sure that the service you are trying to sell is allowed,  contact support if you are unsure.

How long after I deliver my software or service will I  be paid?
When you deliver your SEOClerks order, the buyer will have five days to inspect delivery after which your order will automatically complete. Once your order is completed, the funds will undergo a short waiting period before being added to your balance for withdrawal, typically only a few days.

What is the minimum for withdrawal? How often can I withdraw my earnings?

The withdrawal minimum will depend on your userlevel. For instance minimum withdrawal for userlevel 1 is $15 and for userlevel 3 $5.00.

What methods are available for withdrawing my earnings?

Once your order is completed, you collect your funds via withdrawal to Paypal, Payoneer or HyperWallet.

How can I promote my services or products to get sales?

SEOClerks has a built in boost feature that lets you bump your services to the top of the chosen category. You can earn free boosts for services by logging in daily, delivering orders, commenting in the Community Discussion (forum), etc. You can also purchase paid boosts that automatically rebump your services after 12 hours. Another way to promote your service on site is by purchasing the category feature that puts your service at the top of the category you have posted your service. You can also choose to promote your services or software off site such as via your own email marketing list, Facebook groups or forums for which you are already active, your own professional Facebook page or blog, etc.

Can I contact my buyers off site such as Skype?

Read the site TOS in regards to outside contact. The marketplace provides a built in private message system where you can speak to your buyer, with messages updating in real time. Though outside contact via Skype is discouraged, for some specialized jobs such as computer repair/maintenance tasks or software installation,  you can use TeamViewer. So long as you’re not asking for outside payment, you should fall within the rules.