Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions we frequently get at New Blog Hosting. If you’d like to look at the questions for a given topic, simply click on the question.

There are many free blogging services such as Blogger,, and Livejournal. These are great places for anyone to start their first blog, but due to their nature as mass-market, free tools, they are quite limited in what they allow users to do in the way of design, expansion, and add-ons. If a free blog is enough for you, then by all means, please use them. Why pay for something that you can have for free? If, on the other hand, you are looking for something that will give you more creative options and a greater ability to express yourself in a way that is totally YOU, then can offer you a cost-effective, feature packed solution to your needs including web hosting and domain name registration.

Absolutely not! But we LOVE it and completely recommend it. WordPress is flexible, has thousands of free themes, plugins, and widgets, is reliable, is constantly being upgraded and improved, and most of all is completely free. There are many other blogging and content management systems out there but WordPress is, in our opinion by far and away the best. For a list of other options, click here.