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Cyber Monday 2011 Discounts

Cyber Monday 2011 Discounts

As you may know, we achieved our goal recently and raised enough money to buy a well in Africa.

To kickstart our new fund raising campaign, until the end of the day on Monday 28th November 2011, we have raised the amount we are putting into the well fund for every new hosting plan sold to $20, up from the usual $15.

We are so excited about it though that we wanted to do something even bigger and Cyber Monday seemed the perfect day for it so here’s our VERY special Cyber Monday deal:

Until Midnight tonight (Monday November 28th, 2011), ALL new hosting plans purchased through will cost just $20 for the first year… and 100% of that will go into our well fund.

That’s right, we’re giving you a huge discount and then giving it all to charity.

All you need to do is use the coupon code “Cyber Monday” when ordering.

… and an offer for our current customers

Why should you miss out on the deals, just because you’re already one of our awesome customers?

You shouldn’t, right?

No, we don’t think so either.

SO… if you contact us today and pay for your hosting renewal now, in advance, as a special Cyber Monday gift, we’ll give you a $5 discount on the cost of the renewal.

Happy Cyber Monday shopping!

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