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Hosting: How We Do it At

Hosting: How We Do it At

In my many years of hosting websites and various forms of servers there’s always one thing that completely shocks me.  Why website owners continue to put up with poor service that is not up to standard.  As I begin to look through some of my own clients sites and start various marketing techniques I continue to hear perspective clients say “I would move but I’m scared and don’t know how.”  I understand that completely, the fear of loosing an income resource or even years worth of data.  It can be scary.  It doesn’t have to be at all.

No two hosting providers are the same, they all make different promises and have there own nitche to convince you to give them your business.  There’s claims of 100 percent uptime, but if you ask any host (even us) it’s just not the case.  Your site is housed on a server with databases with moving parts, hard drives spinning, routers going, switches flashing and generators running.  The internet is a web of equipment.  One crack in that web and your site could be down or even your internet connection.  I don’t think it’s a matter of uptime promises anymore, as much as it is how does a host handle the down time?  In our case we keep backups and lots of them. We keep a full monitoring center and often repair any issues before the client is even aware.   We do remind customers to keep local copies of there websites reasonably current at least A lot of clients have sponsored posts, we suggest keeping a backup just in case.  We also stay on the cutting edge with our hardware choices using such things as solid state drives for databases to keep those WordPress posts loading quickly.

To give you some background on what we do at it’s all about hands on, being available and being proactive.  Never wait until something is broken to fix it especially if we are aware of an issue.  We like to keep clients informed through social media platforms and mass mailings when there’s an issue.  We understand you have a business to run, not worry about the next thing that could go wrong with your website.  That’s our job.  Clients sometimes have needs outside of hosting, like configuring a tablet for email or getting a post to look just right, we pitch in there.  We often give clients ideas to help with there websites, make suggestions on designs, we’ve even been known to do a little marketing.  We don’t always charge for these services.  For us, it’s about doing what we enjoy, helping people and businesses succeed.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing an excited client, after together we accomplished something that otherwise they thought might not be possible.



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