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What Does it Take to Run a Web Hosting Company?

I get asked all the time what does it take to run a successful webhosting business.  Well, after over 20 years in the business I would consider myself qualified to answer that question.  It’s part technical, it’s part social worker, it’s part customer service, and even sometimes a business coach or a shoulder to cry on.    Let’s start with some…

Black Friday 2016 Hosting Deals

Black Friday is almost here and we all know that’s when the crazy good deals come too right?  We’re going to get a little crazy this year as well!  From now until Cyber Monday head over to and signup for hosting and enter the code BLACKFRIDAY and get hosting for $10.00 per year for life!
What do you get?

Free Migration

Enter to Win A Year Subscription to Canva!

That’s right folks, we want to do a giveaway, back to the bloggers and the website owners out there.  Creating a website/blog is hard enough.  Creating the graphics for it when you’re not a graphic designer and making it look good, boy that’s even harder.  That’s where Canva comes in.  They make it easy, they make it drag and drop.…

Hosting: How We Do it At

In my many years of hosting websites and various forms of servers there’s always one thing that completely shocks me.  Why website owners continue to put up with poor service that is not up to standard.  As I begin to look through some of my own clients sites and start various marketing techniques I continue to hear perspective clients say…


We would like to make you aware of a scam we came across recently which could easily trick you into giving someone else free access to your computer and all your passwords.

The scam is very sophisticated, involving multiple people all trained to do everything necessary to disarm you and trick you into falling for their lies.

It goes like this:

You receive…


As part of our efforts to find practical ways in which we can give, for every new hosting plan we sell, puts $15 into what we call our ‘well fund’. When we have collected enough, we use the money to buy wells for villages in Africa through World Vision.

People often ask us how they can donate over above what…

Wear a Shirt, Build a Well

Wear a T-Shirt on April 28th this year (and post a picture of you wearing it) and we’ll donate $10 to our well fund.

We are very proud to be sponsoring the first ever 2 to 1 Conference in Washington DC this year, (April 27th through April 29th) and are excited to be able to use that opportunity to run…

Domain Registration Price Increases

The domain name system is a lot more complicated than what you might think.

Two organizations, Verisign and ICANN each take a cut of the price of your domain name. They then license certain companies to register domain names with them and those companies in turn resell domain names to sub-resellers like us.

Our registrars have emailed us saying this:

Since the revised…

Cyber Monday 2011 Discounts

As you may know, we achieved our goal recently and raised enough money to buy a well in Africa.

To kickstart our new fund raising campaign, until the end of the day on Monday 28th November 2011, we have raised the amount we are putting into the well fund for every new hosting plan sold to $20, up from the usual…

We Did It!

As you may know, we are always looking for ways to give when we don’t have any spare cash (although we’ve been a little slack lately).

You can see our efforts at

One of our biggest ideas was to find a way that we could put together the $2,600 needed for us to sponsor a new well for a…